Werdum wants rematch at UFC 200

digthisbigcrux - Let him be Fedor's first UFC fight Phone Post 3.0
That way Fedor doesn't walk right in to a title shot Phone Post 3.0

Overeem deserves the shot.

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MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ - Definitely not a rematch at UFC 200. Werdum got one punched. Maybe Werdum should fight Rothwell next would be my pick.

Overeem is likely to get next title shot, then Cain will be up after he beats Browne.
That would be a nice matchup if they don't go with JDS rematch. Not a lot of fresh match ups left now that I look at the top though. Phone Post 3.0

I think so too, Werdum already fought everyone else. Rothwell matchup makes sense since they are both top guys right now.

no desire to see rematch..Werdum needs to fight someone else first..terrible performance by him last night..

If Werdum was to get an immediate rematch when Jose doesn't...well, I just don't want to live in that world.

Let him fight another top 5 and he performs well give him the title shot.

Overeem is next in line imo. Phone Post 3.0

Why was he running forward with his hands down?

say no to rematches

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cawsie77 - Stipe Vs overeem at 200. If Cain beats Browne he'll get the winner. Phone Post 3.0
This sounds about right. With Werdum and JDS fighting.

Not into Werdum getting an immediate rematch at all. He got slept with the quickness. Stipe has bricks in those hands Phone Post 3.0

Kinda baffling how he never KO'd Gonzaga looking back. He's been on a mission ever since that JDS fight. 

I have no problem with a quick rematch for Verdum. He been on a great win streak and is def a top 3 hw. He made a rookie mistake but i'm sure he'll fight better in a rematch. I'm usually not a big rematch fan, but both of these guys are older and a rematch should be a great fight.

digthisbigcrux - Let him be Fedor's first UFC fight Phone Post 3.0

This! Perfect fight for both guys!

Would I like to see it? Sure. If Werdum sticks to a sound game plan can he beat Stipe? Would be interesting to find out.

Does he deserve an immediate rematch? Hell no.

There's a number of compelling match ups for each guy so I don't see the UFC giving Werdum an immediate rematch. But UFC gonna UFC so who knows.

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Why was he running forward with his hands down?

They were out trying to punch Stipe. That's the problem here. It wasn't like the JDS ko where it was are gulag exchange and he got clipped. He literally caused it by running in like a moran. And fighters who get KOd like that should take minimum 6 months off.

C'mon Fabricio.  Have some self awareness.  There would not be one justifiable reason to book an immediate rematch.  

the silence was deafening

Fedor vs Werdum II Phone Post 3.0

It's by no means justified, there are much better matchups for Werdum (e.g., JDS), and, there are much more deserving title contenders (e.g., Overeem).

Having said that, the UFC HW title is a joke. Serious question: when was the last time the HW title was defended before last night? That shouldn't have to be a thinker, but it is. So if a Werdum-Stipe rematch allowed us to actually see that title defended twice in one year, I'd be all for it. Consider it a tradeoff.

Damn it I wish Cormier would just move back up to HW.

Usada Phone Post 3.0

I'm a huge fan of his, but no. Let's see Miocic vs Reem and Werdum vs JDS. Phone Post 3.0

A rematch when you haven't even defended the belt? lol @ that.

cawsie77 - Stipe Vs overeem at 200. If Cain beats Browne he'll get the winner. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0