He lost and you knew it 30 seconds into the fight.

Question: Did he hurt his knee 1/2 through the 1st round? Looked like he was favoring it and stopped shooting for takedowns at that point.

This had no effect on the outcome of the fight and is not an excuse thread.

Looked more like he just gassed out/realized things weren't really gonna change no matter what he did and sorta just mentally made peace with the fight.

I dunno, weird thing to say I guess it just felt like Werdum didn't seem to like...get the ramifications of the fight.

This fight had me thinking of Slice v Houston. CIRCLE RIGHT! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! Phone Post

At one point it did look like his ankle was hurt. I was pretty close up at the event. You never know with Werdum though.. the guy is always trying to trick his opponent.

Alistair refused to engage on the ground almost the entire fight.  Werdum stood up and engaged on the feet every time.  It's not a kickboxing match, it's an mma match.  Timidity and refusal to engage are supposed to be considered fouls.  On that alone Werdum should've won.  Take into account that he also came the closest to finishing the fight with the heel hook attempt at the end of the 3rd and the fact that he had Alistair hurt on the feet a few times (though it was never reciprocated from Alistair) and it's clear that Werdum should've won that fight.