Were any of you rich enough to have this as a kid?

I had the hydrofoil:

One of those yellow missiles broke our pool filter…pops was not happy.


The one we had was way heavier than that, it wasn’t 300lbs obviously, i was exaggerating.

But it was heavy as hell, took two of us to move it

My next door neighbor had one & he wasn’t rich at all. I had more toys than him I think. But first time I went in his basement this thing was sitting down there frickin huge. Like bro, you weren’t ever going to tell me you had this sitting in your basement??

Its crazy to see how valuable even the little hoses and missiles for these things go for now. We must have just played like we didn’t give a shit back then and lost or destroyed them all. Its not like they were rare by any means.


You could buy replacement weapons kits too, although they were always different colored than the originals that came with the figures/vehicles

Genius on the part of Hasbro to sell replacement weapons.

My brother had that. It was garbage. You didn’t want it.

It was no Dagobah Playset, that’s for sure

Shag carpeting devoured so many of those Joe guns.


Think dude on podcast said they made either 280 or 380 GI joe toys that don’t even include figures. Just the crafts

I had this!

Every character that could fit eventually met death in jabba’s pit

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TV in a big cabinet style? We had one of those too like this
TV Then and Now

My friends brothers tv was like this


So I discovered The Toys that made Us on Netflix. So awesome . Watched the Star Wars and TMNT ones last night. I 100% mailed away for this as a kid and even remember day it came

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It was cool to see the start of Kevin Eastman and TMNT as it was a big deal in town even when just the comic book was taking off . Nice tribute to him on the city mural

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i sent in for that
they sent me a boba with a fixed rocket- wouldnt launch like in the picture- cuz some kid shot it in his little brothers mouth and he choked on it… or some similar story

fuck no

Did you actually get the one that shoots? Because they never shipped those due to safety concerns.

They marketed it and advertised it, but the ones people actually got were fused so they wouldn’t shoot.

If you ACTUALLY have one that shoots (there are only a couple hundred made iirc) they are worth BIG bucks.


Nope, I don’t believe they actually shipped any of the ones that actually shot.
They got pulled before that, and the ones that DID exist stayed in house and kind of got leaked out from there.

There were only a couple hundred prototypes made, and a lot of them were destroyed, so that there are only probably a couple dozen in existence and they weren’t painted. The choke thing is just an urban legend. They never made it to the general public

One got sold on ebay last year for 225k

I had the hydrofoil and the hovercraft already mentioned. Even saved up for the hovercraft myself.

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