Were PASSED "how things look "for the sport""

Don't know if anyone noticed or not but were passed how things "look for the sport"

Oh lee murray is a criminal could he ruin our sport, blah blah blah.

MMA is here to stay, it generates way to much $ for anything to ever ruin the sport in its current state. If a fighters personal life affected the sport at all boxing would have folded a LONG time ago.

10 years ago when I started training and competing in MMA we did have to worry about a lot of this stuff, MMA wasn't even available on pay per view and we had to talk about 1 event on the forum for 3-6 months until the next one...but that's because mainly people were in the sport because they loved it back then not because it generated profit.

/end rant

stuvelo = bad for the sport

Agreed. Good post stuvelo.

 this thread is bad for the sport and it hurts my feelings.  please delete.

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I agree to an extent. I agree that it's too late to stop MMA (though the move from NHB to MMA fucked it up a good deal imo - but that's another topic/rant).

There's a level of professionalism I'd would very much like to see the sport achieve. In terms of how MMA pros are treated and viewed by the general public (and of course what they're paid!).

I still think there's room for MMA to separate itself from the spectacle that is pro wrasslin' and the political clusterfuck that is boxing.

It sounds silly but I'd like to see MMA pros viewed in the same way that pro golfers and tennis players are viewed and treated. Big money, elite professional atheletes who work their asses off to be able to compete.

Instead of blood-thirsty street brawlers or someshit. To a large degree I think that is happening but there's still a lot of spectacle.

But I do agree that thuggish fighters aren't going to be the death of the sport or whatever.

PAST, imo.

And no we aren't PAST how things look for the sport. No sport is above it's image.

We almost were past that until Gary Shaw showed up.

MOWA what's up dude??

Hope montgomery is treating you good....

The sport has a long way to go in terms of legitimizing itself as a profession for fighters outside the top organizations.