Were the Wolverines an elite fighting force?

I am referring to the Patrick Swayze led group, not the German WWII version

They started out as a rag tag collection of misfits and farmboys but quickly coalesced into an organized and efficient group using fairly advanced guerilla tactics.

How would they compare with modern insurgents like Hezbollah, Al Queda and Antifa?

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Well, they didn’t rape and enslave Lea Thompson and that FINE ASS Jennifer Grey, so all Islamic comparisons are out.

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They were an elite handful, for sure. They knew the terrain, could shoot, had been used to small group tactics thru sports and hunting, could survive off the land if they had to.

As they were represented in the movie they would fuck up the jihadis who set their gun sights all the way back to make them shoot harder… provided they were on their home turf.