Were to trane judo in Detriot?

Looking to a place to trane judo in the Modor City. For all intensive purposes id like something that was inexpensive, affective and the people their would be comitted weather I was skilled or not.

Last time I went to Detriot I bought an iron for a nickel off craiglist. It was a steal.

Are you sure your family will except your fighter lifestyle? If not, you minus well stop now.

 Thare is knot alot of plases to chooz frum in Detriot. 

doesnt Train Judo have a school there?

Eye no theirs a skool they're somewear.

Look for a guy called Trane Judu.  He looks like a cross between Brock Lesnar and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace.  He will burp when greeting you for the first time.

You're going to need more than Judo in Detroit to survive once all the auto companies file for bankruptcy.

have you looked down 8 mile?

CSF is an excellent school, but even when you're there you won't be able to find it.

Combat Sports & Fitness

5971 N. Wayne

Westland, Mi.



Coming soon

crowbar -  Thare is knot alot of plases to chooz frum in Detriot. 
lmaoo wow