Wes Combs - Hospitalized?

Valor Kickboxing had a fight in San Bernardino. Didn't hear/see any advertising about these fights. Didn't look like too many people were there but there were two BAD knockouts. Found this on the Valor website.

One guy looks like Wes Combs from KOTC. Don't know who the second guy is/was but DAMN.....you got KTFO!

First Pic: Wes? getting clocked.


Second Pic: Wes? on a stretcher.


Third Pic: Don't know who this is but he got KTFO. Looks like Mike Tyson's Punchout.


If it is Wes Combs, is he okay?

Was the Unknown Fighter okay?


That's definately Combs.



The Valor site says Combs is with Shark Tank. Was he with them at the last KOTC?

Who was the other guy that got KO'd?