Wes Sims 2 auction phone call-EBAY

Wes Sims will auction off a 15 minute phone call on Ebay starting tomorrow. Do you have any questions you would like to ask Wes? Do you want him to tell off your boss, girlfriend or whoever?
You know Wes he won't be scared to say whatever to whoever!

rofl good idea :)

Maybe we can get Wes to call someone in Canada

No thanks...He got me live on the radio once out of the blue...I'll pass...:)

collect call I imagine

hah naw..to his credit...he flipped the bill.


actually it was probably the radio station who paid for the call...yeah...that makes more sense...:)

I meant the call on ebay




No I think it would be a direct call not collect

how generous

like wes even has a phone, come on! He will have to borrow my cell phone and make the call.

How about we auction off someone to work his corner in the gfc event in Miami?

I think a phone call is much better.  lol

A tuff noob would probably win the auction, and show up to work Wes's corner dressed head to toe in tapout, and would proceed to boo Wes from his own corner throughout the entire fight....Probably not a good idea...:)

If they pay and are the winning bidder they can do whatever they please


oh oh...:)

LOL Evil ! I could just see an amateur cornering The Hammer House Project.

would another person actually fit the corner with Rico?