Wes Sims and Mark Coleman

Are both really cool guys behind the scenes. I had the same impression of Wes that (I think) most of you had before meeting him. I didn't really have an impression one way or another of Coleman before hand.

Wes doesn't come across at all in person like he does in interviews or in the cage. Jokes around a lot. Laid back, cool guy. Oh yeah... there's no freaking way he's 6'10". I'd guess 6'6" maybe 6'7". Guess MMA exaggerates fighters' size the way boxing does (IE Mike Tyson is usually listed at 6' but is maybe 5'10")

Last Friday & Saturday I didn't see either one turn anyone down for an autograph or photo request. Even after hearing that there wasn't going to be a fight, they still were very receptive to the fans. Good guys both of them.


TTT for good fans and fighters who give some time

wes really is a nice guy

I think it would be cool to meet either one of them.

Coleman was very cool when I met him. He was very drunk also.

Wes was surprisingly cool when I met him in person.

Coleman was very nice when we met him.

I'm sure they're both great dudes.

My problems with Sims are what he does in the ring/cage illegaly.