Wes Sims Fighting Systems...

This is #004 -aka- Whiskey Tango of the Sims Army checking in with big news!

Today I spoke on the phone with The Colonel and under went a grueling phase 1 and phase 2 exam process to earn my black belt in the WSFS.  I was able to show The Colonel that not only can I handle the interrogation process of heavy Q&A but that I also am gifted in the field of Phone Warriorship.  Being a phone warrior is no easy feat and I put up some mighty smack talkin'.  Keyboard Warrior'n is nothing compared to a good old fashioned telephone beatdown.  And let me tell you that The Colonel phone slapped me into next week... but I think I smacked talked well and may have even earned myself a Sims Army t-shirt. 

Thanks for the chat today big man.  Whiskey Tango out!   

*edited for spelling

Nice ass.

^ Thank you!  I am still recovering from my phone whuppin'.

I'm waiting for official word but I think I have around 100 more phases to go.   

Slow down big man!!! You did not earn your black belt today you just got started.As I saw your phone call go down and you miss the first question on the Q & A. You did rebound very well but you have a long way to go. As the first Black belt in the WSFS, I do wish you well.

WSFS, is that the art of having no fighting skill whatsoever?

becomes VERY jealous that I am not in the Sims Army!

^ You can be in the Sims Army.  That's the easy part!  EvilMaster will set you up.