WESSEL on TUF 10, Fights this week

So Whorak and I were dicussing this and, being as unbiased as possible I will say that we agreed Mike will take Marcus Jones.

I don't think he'll do it unscathed cuz that dude is big and dangerous, but we believe he has questionable heart, gas, and knees. He's kinda old too.

Big Baby loses the decision.

Nothing for me to type since I know the outcome.

Should've seen this one coming after Wessel dropped the "Dude I fuckin hate flowers!" bomb on Marcus lol

Roli if I am correct about my prognostication, indicate my accuracy by not typing anything. Your silence is my confirmation...

I can pick em.


 Oh shit!!!

hellojapan: where you discussing getting together wed and watching? :)

Man, I can't wait. I'm worried by Roli knowing and hmmm'ing, but I think it will be a great show.


busy wed night...I'll be watching though...

 Big Ups to Mike. Hope he keeps training and improving. Was tough to watch, I know he sacrificed a lot to be there.

Ditto, Mike just got caught by those long legs. He's still one of the toughest dudes I know.