West Chester Open?

Good point poodollar,

Could you explain to me again how rams bladders can be employed to prevent earthquakes.


There is a shiny nickel for anyone who can get that obscure reference. Really vaque!

westchester, england has a lot of sheeeeep.

Great Topic. Causes one to ponder.

Lots of sheep?.....Hmmm! That can go several ways. Most of which end in me cringing.

"Most of which end in me cringing."

only most of them, eh? disgusting.

Whew! tight D, I couldn't get anything through.

This thread has taken on the quality of a Seinfeld episode. (e: started out about nothing) Still good though.

I hate all of you!

i just wanted to get some background info on this tournament. it's in new york on may 13, and i just never have heard about it. i still hate all of you.


We deserve it. We are very bad people. We take a post in which you said exactly nothing, and turn you into some sort of sheep molester.

Questionable decision-making on our part, to be sure.

My condolances to you and your family,
(and any sheep you may, or may not love)


it's a new tournament - they held the first one last year. it's put up by chris sauveur soriano (1992 French Olympian) of westchester judo, scarsdale, ny. IIRC, they had prize money for the black belt division winners. their site: http://www.westchesterjudo.com