West Coast S/F Tournament

Thank you to all competitors, volunteers and sponsors that supported the 2006 West Coast Submission Fighting tournament in Maple Ridge. 51 fighters from all over British Columbia had a total of 196 fights, almost 3/4 of them ending in submissions.

The surpringly large turnout caused the 185 lbs division to yield 14 fighters forcing us to split the bracket into two to have the winners of each group to fight for the gold. Here are the results of all divisions:

140 lbs division: 1st place Matt Leo, Revolution Fight Team, Surrey, 2nd place Jordan Galaugher, West Coast BJJ, Maple Ridge and 3rd place David Jew, Team Megaton, Richmond.

155 lbs division: 1st place Steve Charney, West Coast BJJ, Abbotsford, 2nd place Jess Kincaid, Marcus Soares, Burnaby and 3rd place Darrin Schritt, Murray Sholty, Prince George.

170 lbs division: 1st place Todd Smith, Universial Gym, Vancouver, 2nd place Yoon Heo, Marcus Soares, Burnaby and 3rd place Brijan Ghikermann, Team Megaton, Richmond.

185 lbs division: 1st place Brendan O'Neil, Marcus Soares, Burnaby, 2nd place Nathan Harris, Gracie Barra, Vancouver and 3rd place Demian Williamson, West Coast BJJ, Port Coquitlam.

205 lbs division: 1st place Keith Gagnon, Murray Scholty, Prince George, 2nd place Alex Whitefield, West Coast BJJ, Maple Ridge and 3rd place tied between Derrik Brayford, Maple Ridge and Dan McIver, West Coast BJJ, Abbotsford.

205 lbs + division: 1st place, Adriano Bernado, Murray Scholty, Prince George, 2nd place Jason Reynolds and 3rd place Harry Maurice both from West Coast BJJ, Abbotsford.

I am proud of my son Alex who at the age of 15 was hanging tough with the big guys at 205 lbs and Sheena, Alexis and Monique from our club that competed in the 140 lbs divison. I was very impressed by all the talented fighters that came out and proved themselves in this tough round-robin tournament. Next tournament: September 22nd, 2007.

Here is a video of the tournament one of my students made: http://www.ianmac.ca/SFCMovie.mov
Thanks Ian.

it was a fun tournament. you do see in the Vid that the mats were a bit small and the fights kept spilling on to the floor. so we did the best we could. know one complained as they got to have lots of fights and go home by 4:00 o'clock. i'm just glad you can't see the hole in my pants in the Vid. it started out small but by the end if the day it was huge.

Holy crap! I forgot to thank Tony Williamson for coming all the way from Kelowna to help me out. He ran all the action on one mat and made sure that everything in general went smoothly. Thanks for your help Tony!

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Here is another set of statistics from our paramedic:

One fighter got choked out cold, one seperated his sternum, one got surplexed overhead on his neck (ouch), two suffered ankle injuries, two others injured their knees, two guys broke their toes, three suffered hyperextended elbows (a.k.a. I know I can get out). He treaded a total of fourteen people and handed out a total of twentyfive icebags. I think that says it all.

Yes, I am not sure if that is more than average, but I am glad that we split the 185 lbs division in two. Otherwise everyone in it would have had 13 fights and I sure that the rate of injury is increasing as you get more tired.

great to hear you took first leo, nice work.

i had a lot of fun, thanks for putting on an awesome tournament don and tony. but dammit the vid doesn't work for me


It sounds like a great event, sorry I couldn't make it but I'll try for the next one. Did you run a gi and no-gi event or just no-gi?

Congrats on your son, he must be a terror on the mat at 15.

Kevin, It was a submission only event and you could wear whatever you want. Some came in gi, most did not. I hope that next September you guys in Coquitlam find time to participate.

Brandon, don't worry, we have all your fights and we will post a professionally done video of the event in a few weeks on www.jiujitsulife.com

All you guys looked very good. Thanks for coming out.

Nice to hear there was a good turnout.
Good job Don


Congrats to Don and everyone who competed.

Sorry I couldn't make it, but I screwed up my knee and got hit with a cold.

I'm assuming that's your son is in the 205lb category. How the hell did he get that huge?!

"I am proud of my son Alex who at the age of 15 was hanging tough with the big guys at 205 lbs"

That's awesome Don.

I believe you took him to a few "richmond" classes years ago. The litte guy (at the time) playing the gameboy while dad was on the mat,lol.

Good stuff.

"I'm assuming that's your son is in the 205lb category. How the hell did he get that huge?!"

I don't know Rommel, I told him to stop growing, but he just won't listen. He helps teach the kids BJJ classes and works hard towards his blue belt, but he still loves the electronic games Mario.

Migo, we are just planning on a short highlight video right now. What did you had in mind? Thanks Dave, your Gracie Barra guys looked very good and gave every single one of their opponents a tough fight.

I just want to let everyone know that I cleaned up the academy today and came across several articles of clothing. A pair of expensive fight shorts stands out. Shoot me an e-mail at donwhitefield@canada.com to claim your stuff.

Thanks Jonathan and Rory,

Also, thanks for putting on a well run and enjoyable tourny Don.

"but he still loves the electronic games Mario"


You wouldn't catch me playing video games, specially games for my xbox360 like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas which comes out Nov 7h by the way.

I need help

You wouldn't catch me playing video games, specially games for my xbox360 like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas which comes out Nov 7h by the way.

I need help

I can't believe you still play video games! You do need help!
Is that date confirmed? I'm just asking for a freind! :)


Tell your "friend" it's confirmed.

See you on-line.....er, I mean later.

Hey all,

Ian here, Don's first aid / video guy.

Now that my account has been approved, I just wanted to comment on a couple of posts in this thread:

1) First off, I am fairly new to bjj and submission wrestling, and this was the first competition I had been to. It was a pleasure watching a lot of you grapple, I actually learned quite a bit by watching and reviewing the competition tapes. Great job to all that competed.

2) While I did do a lot of first aid treatments that day, I am pretty sure only one fighter had to withdraw from competing, due to his rib/sternal injury. For almost 200 fights that's pretty impressive.

3) The video Don linked to was just a quick edit I did while staying up with my newborn daughter, who really seems to enjoy keeping me awake between 2-4am. Don and I have talked about a cleaner edit being put up on his website. It would still be more of a hilite reel then anything. I shot over 3 hours of footage that day, and still only got half the fights (I was filming the event between first aid treatments). Next year I think we will have two dedicated cameras set up to catch the whole thing, and I will most likely put it on a dvd. If anyone wants to know if I have a specific fight though, I can look for you. I will need to know which room you rolled in, and what you and your opponent were wearing. Also, the time you rolled at would help (approximate).

4) If anyone is having problems viewing the video, it is in the latest Quicktime video format. You can download the latest Quicktime video player here (this link is for the pc version, but you can also get the Mac version on the same page):


Congrats again to all who competed,


i was wondering if you caught my flying armbar in the 185lbs division?