Westside Strangler DVDs

From: Grundy
Date: 03/30/04 12:22 PM
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I just got this series a few days ago and have to say it is great. I recieved my order about four days after I placed, great service. The DVDs are well laid out and the techniques are explained clearly. The moves are gone over a few times each, but Chris seems to know which moves are easier and which are more advanced and goes into more detail on the advanced moves, a quality sadly lacking from most instructionals. Chris also gives some great fine points that I have not heard before and really make a difference. I am very happy with these DVDs and plan on definatley buying more from Island. I also purchased the Randy Bloom guard pass DVD which is alos excellent but I need to watch it a bit more to give it a review it deserves.
Keep up the excellent work, Jason


Tttremendous settt!

Nice review!


The DVD set is excellent, I just got mine the other day! Great work Chris, and great customer service from Island!---Robert@Fight Music


someday i need to drag my sorry bones out west an train with those guys


WOW! Thanks man

They rock. I splurged on myself & picked up the set. The kimura DVD alone was worth the price of the whole set. His two submissions DVD's are great also. Good basics on the stand-up DVD as well. Solid.