Westside videos?

Just was wondering if anyone had seen any of the Westside videos? Im really a visual learning and im thinking that the investment in a tape or two might be well worth it, both educationally and for motivation.

Im thinking about Special Strengths, Bench Press Secrets, or Bench Press Workout.

Special Strengths ruled as did the seminar tapes.

As soon as I get mine back, I was thinking of selling them because my roommate has both. It may be another 2 weeks or so..

I'm missing the case for the seminar tapes though.. Email me if interested - rorrico@comcast.net.


Hey what are you looking to get out of them, btw? I might be able to make a suggestion.

As of now,.. I'm thinking the Seminar Tapes would be your best bet. The bench press workout tapes are kind of old.

Just a better understanding of the ideas behind the Westside method. I wanna train smarter than I have been and get more out of the time that I put in. Im not really sure where else to turn to get that kind of information. Ive only been powerlifting for a short time but I feel pretty decent about what im doing. A solid background and reason for training a specific way using supplemental lifts would also help me alot.

Definitely the seminar videos then. No question.

Full explanations and a bunch of exercise demos.

for some reason $125 seems like alot for the seminar tapes...

They were even more when I bought them.. I thought the same thing.. but they're worth that and then some.

But if you're looking for a better understanding of the Westside methods -- nothing else will compare.

Special Strengths is awesome too, but thats just alot of the newer stuff that they're doing -- there isn't much as far as explanations of the methods.

Or you could just go to a seminar and learn it right from them. I know I'm going sometime this year.