Westside vs. Eastside.....

The Comptons, the Watts, The Red Deer Albertas', the Oaklands........The Brooklyns, The Queens, The Montreals, The Staten Islands......It seems that west vs. east rises again... before this happens again, we must look at where this left Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.... I think we should all direct out attention to bigger fish to fry...I've had nightmares as of late, nightmares of Barry Macdonald, Frank Colcher, Richie Nancoo, Georges St.Pierre, and Steve Vigneault.... they drive in their "pimped out" escalade, cruising the streets of calgary, vancouver, red deer, pumping round after round from the clips in their AK's into me.... that's when the dream ends for the most part, and you can see blake fredrickson pouring crystal for his fallen western brothers...increase the peace.C

The similarities dont end there:and how about this:C

more evidence:C

LMAO, seriously, where do you come up with this stuff?

Leave it up to Chad to put the biggest smile on my face. Classic shiznit bro. I luv it.


word to your mother.


ttt for the dayshifters.... increase the peace.


Godamn it Carman, you ain't got no hommies on the West Siiiide!

That group pic reminds me of the show romper room..

I see Wayne-o...

I see Flex...

I see Loaf...

I see Antonio...

I see Pain....

I think I see Geoff...


i apologize to all that witnessed the gay porn.... it seems that mdf hacked my acct and posted what he wanted... sorry to those he offended.



Holy crap is Hamzeh cool.

"i apologize to all that witnessed the gay porn"


i'm cuttin a country album soon entitled...

"Chad, naturally."



thats right Geoff, im just THAT cool.


Head: I know it, you know it. Now we must find a way to show the world.

you know it, I know it... the ladies, they all know it.

MDF is at my businesses office right now answering phones as I am at my other job. I hope he's outta there before the others show up.

This morning he witnessed one of my questionable habits :|


the girl that runs the floor is cute in a way, lol.

you should have invited her in.....


i had very little credibility as it was there...