Wet girls and MMA fightingQC.Iowa

This Fri. we will have our 6th show at QC. LIVE night club in Davenport,Iowa. ** This Fri. we will be having a wet t-shrit contest to go along with the fights.I have 6 girls already!!(You must be 18+)

I have some of the very best up-coming fighters(MFS) in the US fighting for me every week. Last night I had Chris Miletich boxing for me. With Pat showing him the way, Chris should be a great fighter someday.

If you would like to get on the card give me a call(563)441-0194 or e-mail me at joejordan4sky@yahoo.com

Could you guys help keep this up at the top.

Thanks Joe Jordan


Sounds like it is a fun show!

To steal a line from the Howard Stern Show

young...wet...bitches :)

Hey Joe, is anyone taping these events? It would be cool to put these on AggressionTV.com. Even a halfway decent camcorded copy would work just fine.

Give me a yell - Johnny@RealityHosting.com


Wet honeys,now that would be a good payday for fighting!



Fighter A will recieve one wet honey and a hotel room,in exchange

for fighting  fighter B.



Sign name here!

TF?!? I see a title that includes the words "wet girls" and there are no pics?!?!?


Robert Wayne sounds like he has been to some of the fights down in Mexico. Kinda close to what goes on down there.