We've for the need...the need for speed!

jewrad - "Negative Ghostrunner, the pattern is locked" Phone Post 3.0

LMAO! Phone Post

You won't be happy unless you are doing Mach 10 with your ears on fire. Phone Post

You screw up just this much.......You'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dogshit out of Bangladesh. Phone Post

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Shit! We flew right through his jet scrubbings! Phone Post

I like three gun the best Phone Post 3.0

I don't know. It just doesn't seem fair - to you I mean. I think she's lost that feeling of love.

No she hasn't


Damnit. I hate when she does that. Phone Post

To gun or not to gun. That is the question. Phone Post

It's classified.

It's what?

It's classified, I could tell you but then I'd have to murder you. Phone Post 3.0

You're right Cool man....I am dangerous! Phone Post 3.0

They're for the speed IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Well if you were directly above him, how could you see him?

Because I was upside down

That was some of the best flying I've seen to date - right up to the point where you got murdered.  You never, ever leave your wingman!


You don't have time to think up there.  If you think, you're murdered.

You can be my wing guy sometime in the near future! Phone Post 3.0

clattymine - You can be my wing guy sometime in the near future! Phone Post 3.0
No...you can be ours. (High-five) Phone Post 3.0

YOU'RE GONNA DO THAT! Phone Post 3.0

Maverick call the testicle. Phone Post 3.0

OP what is your first language?

This thread reminds me of a song from the Too Gun soundtrack "Removes My Exhalation to a Place far from its Source of Origin" by the band Munich.

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Negative ghostmonster, the pattern is plaid Phone Post 3.0

I'm going to hit the gas and fly right by.