WFA. Better numbers in Midwest?

I think the WFA would have had a better turn out if it had been held somewhere in the Midwest. Like maybe Indianapolis or something. Who would have made it to the show for $10 in the Midwest?

If a show with the same names as the WFA had last night came to the Midwest, I guarentee it'd sell 10k+ in tickets at their normal prices. The midwest is a hotbed for MMA and as soon as an MMA organization realizes it, they are going to bring in the money.

If they had done this in Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines then they would have done 8-10 thousand.

LOL @ 8-10k in DSM. LMAO

"Watch IFL attendance numbers at the Mark in Sep for a good indicator. "

I will be there. But then again, they have Miletich vs. Renzo. Which is awesome by all means but it isn't the WFA card that they just put on. But i still think the IFL show is gonna get 8k-10k

I would think 8-10K would be a pretty reasonable expectation for a Midwest show. I thought there were some pretty good fights. With the money they would have saved having the show in the Midwest, they could have added a couple more names to the card.