WFA will kill the UFC

I was a believer. They came out strong, had their one event then died 2 days later... what gives?

probably the 2000 people in the 20000 seat arena...or whatever the sadly pathetic number was....

Did you watch the ppv?

one of the worst ppv presentations eva.

that being said i'm all for any organization that wants to put fights on t.v for me to watch.

ttt 4 MMA

People don't care about fighters, unless they KNOW about fighters.

it would have been nice if it was shown LIVE on ppv in Canada. it was shown a month and a half later, and still wanted to charge me 34.95. yeah, right.

no one cares about Canada. Know what i'm talking a boot?

you know what pissed me off the most? That fucking Rd timer that was like 30% of the entire screen...i wanted to throw the remote threw the t.v. But i did like the fact they showed like 7-8 live fights. There was no B.S like in the UFC, where they stall between fights. It was one after the other, I would love it if the UFC was like that...Just show the fights no one cares about the half naked strippers or C level celebs they show to waste ppv time.

Honestly, the WFA doesn't have enough of a talent pool to make a legitimate impact. Too many fighters are under contract. And with the money "The World Fighter" might be offering in their tournament, they will get the majority of unsigned fighters

If you believe WFA would destroy the UFC...

Then you should never be allowed an opinion

"Just show the fights no one cares about the half naked strippers"


it was half the production value of kotc or wec for twice the price.

"no one cares about Canada. Know what i'm talking a boot?"

thats right the wfa doesnt want anything to do with the 32 million people that live in canada.. why would they want good paying customers eh.... irishlew your an idiot

They've just signed Heath event is
Dec 9th I think.

It was a shitty event but lets hope it gets better the second time around

Fuck Canada