WFF results ???

The event was tonight wasn't it??? Anyone got results? Did they find a replacement for Fulton to take on Castro?

a few i remember
jamie farmer vs garret davis farmer by triangle really good fight
mike adams won his fight high kick to the head and knock out.
fabiano holanda got rear naked chocked by drew fickett fight of the night i think.
chris peak pulled out so his opponet fought castro,castro by knock out(had his back and landed the blows)

Tim Jenson over Ben Greer Armbar 3:38 R 1
Nick Perry over Trevor Schmidt Tap 0:51 R 1
Brad Cardinal over Jamie Rennie Armbar 0:29 Rd 1. Jamie Vorner over Garret David Triangle Choke 3:52 Rd 1.

Antonio Carvalho over John Louer- Choke 2:45 Rd 1. Mike Adams over Shannon Rennie KO Kick 3:04 Rd 1. Drew Fickett over Fabio Holanda Rear Naked Choke :37 seconds of Rd 2. Ulysses Castro over Jason Day K) 2:27 Rd 1.

Results courtesy of Mike Neva aka Bustamante Fan

fickett's fight was the best one by far.

Nice work Pato!

Fickett is good! He should get a shot in the UFC.

Way to go Pato...yahooo.

TTT for all the fighters who stepped up.

Good job WFF, Townes and the whole crew.

The Legend of The Sexual continues to grow!

Good job Antonio!

Tony "Sexualized" another opponent. Congrats Tony!!!

By all accounts Fickett is a real machine and a real contender at 170. He's beaten talented guys like Carlos Prater (who beat Spencer Fisher last night), Dennis Hallman, Edwin Dewees and now Fabio Holanda. Drew probably needs one more win against a name and he should be in the UFC.

Tony makes everyone proud get rid of that Geoff guy and the skys the limit :0

all the best!


Congrats Sexual! The performance I hear was too sexy.

and congrats to Brad Cardinal, had no doubt!


Antonio did what was reasonably expected, but nevertheless, a fine job and in fine time. He trained hard and was - in putting this fight together -professional and respectful to deal with. This winning record, however, starts to put him in line to face others I have that want to fight him.

ttt for Antonio and Jason Towns of the WFF.

anyone know what happened to chris peak? why didn't he fight..

It's a shame Fulton couldn't make it.
You can check his account of what happened here

Peak thought he was fighting at 205 and under. the weight class was 200-220. Jay Day weighed at 215 and Peak didn't want to give up the weight. He wieghed at 204. They offered Jay the Castro fight and Jay, like a crackhead, accepted it.
I don't know what Castro weighed but I know he is huge and Jay is not so huge, So I don't know why Jay accepted this fight. Jay said that Castro's punchs were really heavy. But I really don't think he remembers, he is just going by what everyone at ringside told him,

Just kidding Jay.

i don't think weight made any difference in the main event fight. day was just simply outclassed... total mismatch.

Antonio fought a perfect fight set his man up with a kimura and finished him with a sweet choke, Newton Militich style. Drew Fickett is an animal! Thanks to Jason Townes and WFF. Great show great times.

Fickett vs Holanda was an awesome fight.

Antonio showed serious skills.

Good show - great people and atmosphere before and after the fights.

Magnus - who's asking to fight Tony?

Are Antonio and Justin still scheduled to fight at Ironheart on June 5th?