WFL Judgment Night help!

I ordered the Judgement Night dvd in feb. So about 2 months went by and I still hadn't recieved it. So I emailed Zach about it and he said he would mail it out that day. Now it's been almost a month later and I still don't have it so if someone had a copy would they sell it to me. My first fight was at Judgment Night so you see why I'd like to have a copy. Thanks.

On that point, I'm still awaiting the two Hardcore Fighting tapes that I ordered over 2 1/2 years ago.The check was cashed alright, but I guess delivery is running a bit behind.

Brad, email him again. Im sure he got backed up with stuff. Sometimes I have to email a few times because things get forgotten, but he will make it right.

I'm Zack's personal trainer, and we have a 9:30am today...I'll talk to him again for you.

Any news Rick? I think I talked to you for a while online when I moved NH from Texas. Then I fought at Judgement night and Joe was actually kind enough to be my corner man.