WFL Revere, Mass results?

Any results, or a description of the Weatherby fight?


rokel, this was hands down the best round and a half ive ever witnessed on the local scene. both fighters were game as hell and came out swinging hard. I dont know how it ended up on the ground but woody sunk in a deep armbar but phil refused to tap to it. while in the armbar, he slamed him huge, twice(i think). he got out but woody eventually took his back. Phil defended well and escaped out the back door and at the end of the round landed some huge shots from inside woodys guard. Round 2 phil landed som more big shots and got the takedown. He passed to side and rained down countless unanswered blows to the head and the ref had to stop it. Somewhere in there was a really deep Kneeebaahh by phil which somehow woody got out of. It was something to see. Both guys showed lion-sized hearts but it the end I think phil was just too strong. awesome fight(Im sure i forgot some details but that was the brunt of it.)

ttt Thanks Horseman! Fuck I wish I could have seen that one!!

great description horseman! it certainly was a hell of a fight. both woody and phil have got great futures ahead of them. cant wait to see their next fights!