WH: Gun Ammo ban proposal is 'common-sense' step


WH: Ammo ban proposal is 'common-sense' step

By Brian Hughes | March 2, 2015 | 2:44 pm

White House press secretary Josh Earnest Monday defended a proposal by the Obama administration to ban ammunition commonly used with the AR-15 rifle, saying the push to prohibit the bullets is a "common-sense" way to protect law enforcement officials.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last week proposed to ban 5.56 mm (.223) M855 "lightgreen tip" ammunition, arguing it could pierce bulletproof vests used by law enforcement officials.

Though the administration cites public safety reasons, critics are accusing the White House of attempting to go around Congress after it was unable to secure the passage of gun control legislation.

"It's open now for public comment," Earnest said of the ATF proposal.

"We are looking at additional ways to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement and believe this process is valuable for that reason alone," Obama's top spokesman added. "This seems to be an area where everyone should agree: If there are armor-piercing bullets available that can fit into easily concealed weapons, that puts our law enforcement at considerably more risk. I'd put this in the category of common-sense steps our government can take."

In 2013, Obama was unable to build legislative support for an assault weapons ban, prohibition on high-capacity ammunition clips or even expanded background checks.

With Republicans in control of both chambers of Congress, the White House has abandoned any efforts to resurrect such legislation.

The ATF says the proposal is still under consideration.

Always worry when the words 'common-sense' are used with gun control.

Theres' nothing common sense about this nonsense.

In the gun debate the words "common sense", "reasonable" and "responsible" really means batshit crazy.

The ammo they are banning isn't the problem in regards to gun deaths. To pretend it is absurd. And completely narrow minded. Phone Post 3.0

Dark Knight - Always worry when the words 'common-sense' are used with gun control.

They better make reloading equipment illegal. A BG can roll his own street lethal rounds. Sheesh.

I counted >50 gun mags in the local bookstore on Mon. Hmmm.

Need to challenge and if possible consider banning the BATF&T



Dark Knight - Always worry when the words 'common-sense' are used with gun control.

It's a red flag phrase for me as a general rule. It means "unquantifiable and unqualifiable standards".


You would think it would be common sense not to elect a community party planner from one oft he worse ran cities in the nation as the president of the USA. Phone Post 3.0

Next up will be 7.62 x 39 and that FN Herstal handgun ammo... Phone Post 3.0

disbeliever - In all of these round about ways to get gun control, I am curious why they never target the guns most often used in crimes and violence.
Because they don't care about that, they just don't want real Americans to have the ability to revolt. How many police officers were killed with.223 or .556 amo in the last 20 years? That should tell you right there. Phone Post 3.0

Really!? Cuz I'm pretty sure that an AR15 pistol is still pretty damn hard to conceal with its long required buffer tube. You could of course always swap out the barrel but then the resulting loss in velocity negates the 'armor piercing' capability entirely...

And we won't even go into how you can pierce the average body armor worn by Police with rimfire ammo, or that their are zero recorded instances of a cop anywhere being killed by an AR15 pistol. Phone Post 3.0

Every deer rifle round made in the past 150 years can easily penetrate normal Kevlar.

I look forward to the inevitable 30-30/270/243/etcetcetc ban.

Even police groups can't understand why this type of "common sense" is needed, which is somewhat funny....in a sad way.

Because when I look at my options for conceal carry, the ar pistol is my first choice. Phone Post

Rhymenoceros - Virtually any rifle round can go right through a kevlar vest. It makes no sense to single one out as particularly dangerous.

This right here. VU

sewich - You would think it would be common sense not to elect a community party planner from one oft he worse ran cities in the nation as the president of the USA. Phone Post 3.0
Ding ding ding

After the eric holder mess nothing surprises me from this fuckhead Phone Post 3.0

What about 5.7 ? Remember it's the "cop killer"

. Phone Post 3.0

2016 can not come soon enough

Hired Gun - What about 5.7 ? Remember it's the "cop killer"
I'm afraid it will get lumped in with this retarded bill (or executive action, whatever the case may be). Along with who knows what else. Isn't it possible to build an AR pistol in .300 blackout? Will that be on the list as well?

The whole thing is bullshit. As has already been pointed out, this is an imaginary problem. Just another way for the bastard to try and chip away at the 2A little bits at a time. Phone Post 3.0