whaddaya doing today 06 apr 2018?

feel like shit still from allergies, skipping bjj out of courtesy to my academy

grocery store


poker later maybe

Currently waiting for one dance class to end before another one starts. Then daughter's birthday party later this afternoon. 

Then I'll watch Khabib smesh later tonight.

In bed eating oatmeal and watching the Masters 

The gym so I can chip away at looking like a man again and half watching golf/UFC later. Keep intending to start Zelda Breath of the Wild but it’s just sat in its case for 3 weeks, maybe today’s the day.

Tired because I finally watched Wind River last night and stayed up late, it was fantastic.

Going for a hike in Santa Fe 

Chronicling the invasion of several Florida residences by spores, molds, and fungus. Egon would be so jelly!  

it’s 07Apr18, idiot.


go out for a good burger for lunch

Hang with the wife and family all afternoon

watch NCAA Hockey Championship between UMD and ND. I coached a kid who is on UMD (not sure if he’ll be playing, didnt notice him in Thursday game).

McBottery -

it’s 07Apr18, idiot.

checked.. youre right!!

went to beach early with one of my kids and the sea air helped me feel better, and less of a bitch, so i went to bjj. feel like im in another plateau, but thats for another thread. 

buddy texted as i was leaving to grab beers, so im the stinky sob at the bar now waiting for his ass to show up. 

mind you the trim here is nice, at urge gastrooub adjacent to csusm. 

Reading the other thread... the first thread... with the correct date.