What 4th Ed should have been...

 This is a wonderful book.

I got my copy...part of the reason it's so glorious is it's big enough to easily beat another human to death with, having two of the major core books combined into one.

It's 3.x cleaned up so it actually works the way it should.  It's wonderful, and will be supported by what in my estimation is the best writing crew and community in the RPG industry.

I give you the Patherfinder Core Rulebook.


These are the best combat rules I've seen - simple but really usable

 I totally agree.

Pathfinder is hands down the best system I've ever seen for what makes D&D feel like D&D.

It's what I use.


I never liked hit points and the magic system for D&D. I thought it was retarded that you "forgot" the spell after you cast it. I also thought it was retarded that it was impossible to kill a high level character with a sword in less than 1 hour of hacking. Last I played was 2nd edition though. Is the new stuff improved?

Read up on D&D on wikipedia. The magic system for ED1 was based on the magic system from a set of novels Gygax liked. Apparently, Gygax was more interested in game play than mythos which isn't a bad place to start when created a rollplaying system from nothing.