so, it happened folks. eddie has the tape and he is trying to get it up on the internet, but if any of you have a mac and know how to do that, then you need to email him cause he is helpless with getting the video onto his computer.  the normal cameraman, str8jive, could not make it.

first and foremost, there were some huge noteables in attendance.  Dan henderson was there, as well as Ryo Chonan, Jason "mayhem" Miller and Andy Wang, along with jason chambers and eddie bravo.  it was like a stud ranch for thoroughbreds.

anyways, we squared up and i pulled butterfly guard. i managed to get to half guard double underhooks and did a half and half to take him over. i then passed his half guard to side control and looked to attack an arm.  as i was doing that, the opportunity arose and i mounted him.  he upa'd and i tried to take the arm.  i rolled into the guard and immediately he fell into a gogoplata.  i tried but he wouldnt tap, so i switched to an omoplata. he then stacked me and i had to roll to turtle.  from there i dont remember much of what happened until somehow he took my arm and had the armbar.  i was almost caught until i shot the arm, turned the hand over and rolled to my knees.  i immediately passed his guard and mounted him.  he put on double underhooks from mount, so i threw on the locoplata,  he ended up rolling me, and i couldnt finish it

from there, we went to a scramble, and i went to turtle again. he looked for the guillotine, but i dumped him on his ass and ended up in his half guard and this is where something weird happened.

the dude started screaming like i hurt him, so i jumped off immediately, then he said that I GRABBED HIS NUTS.

i did no such thing.  he stood up to square off, and i said that we could throw hands if he wanted.  we then got seperated and he left.

i think since he was gassed and i was on top, he had to make up some shit like i grabbed his balls.  cause i honestly did no such thing.

if you dont believe me and are in the la area, then go and help eddie get the video up


you will see the video, then the whatevers will change to awe.

i swear to god this happened, and i did have my hands near his leg, but that is cause i was gonna go for the twister pass.


ttt for the video

you should have bit his ear off. Rolling around like a couple of Gonks, fucks sake, i thought he came for a fight.

if any of you have a mac and know what youre doing, then email eddie so he can get this video up. mayhem does some funny shit in the prefight interview

I don't know about you guys, but if OMA is backing it up, i believe it.

You go to fight a guy you call out on a message board and choose not to wear a cup?

lol at me running away. we have it on tape.  you are just going to make yourself look stupid if you lie here

im going to bed. i have to teach three privates tomorrow morning.

anyways, i hope that eddie can get this video up by the end of the week.

Two guys who know each other stage a fight they started on a message board that no one wins because of a 'controversial' nut grab.

Nice publicity stut!

bwahahahahhaaa @ calling someone out and only playing grappling.

Next time you should fight


"Oh my God I hope this is all true."

Yes KKM (Eddie) it's all true.

work!! LOL

WTF is going on? OMA and Hendo and Mayhem were there therefore it must have been good but who is zhoo?

whats this "grappling" nonsense being passed off as a fight? If I was there I would have grabbed both of your nuts for boring us.

Pilot, you're supposed to punish people for being boring, not give them hand jobs


Post the video already.

This whole thing sounds like a set up.
LOL at Baby Huey thinking grappling is a fight.