was it a fight or a grappling match? i know we all say "fight" for judo and bjj matches, but this was a real challenge match, correct? what's up with no throwing punches or kicks? a challenge match should allow strikes (imho).


"was it a fight or a grappling match?"

It was neither cause it didnt really happen..

work ,thoguht it was supposed to be a fight with punches

ya but checkuroil. you grabbed them with your mouth , you fruit . ( your the big apple from those commercials)

Once more with strikes, please.

That's my boy!!! Awesome stuff buddy! You made a 6'4 210 purple scream like a bitch...LOL!!! Man I wish I could have seen this shit live. I have tears of joy after reading this.

This is all a lie.

Why not have a real fight instead of a grappling match? I'm not criticizing you girls in any way but I just think that there'd potentially be more closure to this issue if strikes were included.



a simple yes or no question...did you agree to a fight and change it to a grappling match at the time of the showdown? i don't need to wait for the tape for this answer...thank you...


Decent troll, would have been much better if you set the troll match up as a real fight.

this shit gets really boring after a while...




i dont think CUO ever said he wanted a MMA match.
he doesnt train MMA.

if someone challenged any of you to a match in something that you did not train in, would you accept?

what if cung le said, "I challenge you to a san shou match"?

Who would think Brent/Checkhisownmomsoil's fight would end in controversy? I am shocked.

Listen, your teacher is a world famous BJJer who tapped an undefeated Gracie, his friend is a tv star (who I assume you hang out with - maybe), your buddy is on the TUF and you are just a fat dork desparately trying to figure out how to become famous when you have NOTHING TO OFFER THE WORLD.

Let go of the coat tails and just kill yourself already.

im not an mma fighter, so i needed time to train and get my hands ready. plus, he insulted my grappling, so we decided that interests would be best served grappling


This totally was a fight, only with no punches, knees, elbows, kicks, or headbutts thrown, but other than that, yeah it was definitely a real fight.

LMAO at the responses in this thread. I don't care if it was real or not, these responses have made it all worthwhile anyway!

Geese Jones