what a friggin moron

what idiot voted micheal vick as league MVP

he shouldn't even be in the top 5 i wouldn't even vote him top 10 but thats me









just to name a few who should have been ahead of vick

If somebody out there really wants to buck the trend and pick somebody other than Manning, fine. But Vick??? Come on. Way too many guys having better seasons to vote Vick #1.

Manning deserved it, hands down.

"Farrier" LOL, you support your boys man. How about LT, maybe Antonio Gates, dare I say Edgerin James, Farrier had a very good year, but MVP, thats as crazy as me saying Plummer should go to the pro bowl.


dude...FARRIER was second in defensive mvp it's not far fetched or supporting my boys. farrier was the BEST MIDDLE LINEBACKER THIS YEAR a glamour position in the NFL.

and maybe you missed

"just to name a few who should have been ahead of vick"

yes tomlinson, james, harrison, gates, and a host of other players should have been ahead of vick.

of course you can't compare the level of competition in the NFC this season and last season