What a GREAT start to 2005!

Am I the only one excited we get to see the New Year Eve's Pride extravaganza this time around???

What a GREAT way to start the year! There's the gold medal match, and we know for sure there'll be Mino vs Fedor!

It's like an early Christmas presebt!

Sakuraba will also be fighting on the new years card

Heu yeah, its after Christmas, but the fact that I know we'll get the PPV is like an early gift to me.

Remember last year when there were 3 different MMA events in Japan yet we didnt get to see any?

And to top it off, rumors that MMA would basically split in different japenese organisations didnt pan out either, and its great for us as we get to see top fighters in only two top fight organisation we both get on PPV.