what a joke

NHL will be using bigger nets? they weren't satisfied by restricting goaltending equipment, and making games entirely fuckin powerplays, and bringing in bullshit shootouts which is the only way some teams can beat other teams, but now they want to use bigger nets? it's such a joke.

Players like Crosby's and Wellwood offensive accomplishments will be deminished when comparing to the greats of the past.

that is it. I will no longer consider being an NHL centre ice subscriber, which I've been for it's existence. I will no longer buy tickets to see NHL hockey. I will very rarely contribute to ratings.

Idiots like Bettman dont give a fuck about the traditionalists they are turning off the game and are making that apparent. they are taking the traditionalists like myself who are the backbone of the game for granted, and have forever been the backbone of the game. all because they think it's all about goals, goals, and more goals to win over cheeseballs in the US. If it was all about goals Lacrosse would be the biggest sport in the world.

The NHL continues to fuck up, they fucked up with ESPN and are so desperate that rather than be held accountable for their fuck ups they instead just fuck up more.

Bow down to the saviour of the small market, Gary Bettman.

I believe you take yourself a little too seriously.

Bettman will be happy to see you go.


and I'll be happy to see his league go brankrupt. which it will. the league is showing no signs of going up and only signs of going down. keep following him.

attendance is down, ratings are down, a shit television deal. biggest sports network in the US wants NOTHING to do with the game. how the fuck do you expect to grow the game there without ESPN, not that I give a shit if they grow the game there. Pittsburgh on the verge of folding. the game is at an all time low. wake up.

Bigger nets would traumatize me.

Roy suggested keeping the nets the same size, my slimming down the posts to add in a little more scoring space. That's about as far as I'd accept them taking it.

This hasn't and won't be approved. The nets will remain the same size.