What a piece of shit....


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Lol nailed it.

Inept swat teams gonna swat.



That's  fucking horrible

That is so absolutely fucked up. The gaming community is getting out of hand.

When your police force is so predictable and stupid, that it can be weaponize by a 13 year old.

Wichita is basically an IRL OG




Y’alL may fit in here better than you’d expect 

What the fuck?

who does this kind of shit?

Damn, the person who swatted doesn't seem to have remorse. Hope they catch him and he needs to see the world as more than a video game. Cop should be charged as well. Rip to the innocent dude :/

Hope his friends don't protect him and turn him in.


Regardless of the cops actions/ineptitude that dude on twitter put the whole thing in motion. A 2 and 7 year old are going to grow-up without a father because of that morally bankrupt POS. Takes zero responsibility because he didn't pull the trigger. Crossings my fingers for some karmic justice. 

Came here just now to post this.

Kids a serious piece of shit and sounds like the cop was trigger happy (from the little info in the article). Now 2 kids have to grow up without a dad all because of immature people arguing over a video game.

I dont know how old the kid is that called in the swat call, but hes gotta be a teen. Hope he gets life to make an example. The swatting shit has been going on for years and Ive not heard about even 1 person getting in trouble for it. Now someone finally got killed because of it.

The guys twitter is @GoredTutor36, and he gives no fucks about the guy dying and takes no responsibility for it. Said its not his fault because he didnt shoot the guy.



I have 6 employees and 2 neices that go to the school he called the bomb threat at. I called one when i heard about it and they were in the football field evacuated. 


Someone find this little shit. 

4 chan is going to out this kid shortly 


If the FBI decides to look into this, this kid is for sure going to get found 


They have nerds in house that live for finding nerds that think they nerd better than real nerds 


Hes currently sweating bullets praying he didnt fuck up somewhere along the long line of being on the internet 


This person is about to get caught 

Hope that little mother fucker gets thrown in jail where her can get his asshole fucked over and over again

Horrible. Fuck, that could happen to anyone. Hope the fucker gets life.