What a rigged outcome

has there ever been a more blatant rigged judges decision in boxing? There were two decisions that were polor opposite and one convienetly tied LMFAO whatever.

holy shit what a newb...

the scoring was screwy, but the DRAW wasn't a bad call

Actually the DRAW was the problem...that judge scored the first round a 10-7 instead of 10-6 like he should have.

Boxing is quite possibly the most corrupt sport ever. If you can't stand to watch obvious bullshit screwjobs, then don't watch it because you are guarunteed to see many things worse than whatever event you are so vaguely bitching about.

Just more evidence that we need to revive the good old sport, "Roman Gladiator Death Match". You never had any gay-ass judges' decisions in those days.

lol @ you. Maybe I shoulda registered in 2k3 like you.

Probably the only real hope MMA has of becoming a significant sport is due to boxing's corruption driving people to look for a similar but somewhat more trustable sport. (I say 'somewhat' with sadness.)