What a Week for Upsets!!!

Bears beat the Pack?

Giants beat the 'Skins?

At least New England did what they were supposed to do....

Lions baby!!

giants beating the skins isnt really an upset, giants beating the skins in NJ isnt an upset at all.

The skins didn't lose to the Giants, they lost to themselves. It was so painfull watching that game cause the skins kept screwing up but were still in the game. The only silver lining is the fact that between the Skins, KC, and Green Bay all losing, over half of the people left in our football pool were knocked out

I don't even want to know what my OGPL standing is after this week! I think I picked about every game wrong.

I mean, c'mon! The BEARS beating the Pack at Lambo?!!!!!! WTF? Gods must be pissed or some'fin.

Everybody's OGPL record is going to be worse this week. I doubt anybody picked the Bears at Lambeau, so everybody probably got that one wrong. There were probably 6 games that people split 50-50 on their picks, like Denver and Jacksonville or Carolina and Kansas City.

We probably won't have any more 12-4's this week.

Since I thought this was a college ball thread,




and Clemson

Wisconsin, WV and Michigan should have gone down as well.

And how the hell is ASU not ranked in 1 poll?


"JM-what are you talking about?
Florida losing wasnt an upset.

LSU losing isnt an upset.

Clemson sucks ass.

WV doesnt deserve to drop. Maryland is a very good team."

Are you kidding? Each 1 of those was the higher ranked team.

Fl. was top 10, TEnn wasn't. LSU was, Auburn wasn't. Clemson was ranked, well, you gotta get the point by now.

How can you say that the Giants beating the Redskins is not an upset?!?!?

I'm VERY upset!!!!!!!!!!



nuff said.

But, I thought the skins would have won as well.