What about Gameness Gis?

I'll tell you what...

the sale going on at www.fightinglegacy.com is still rolling!!!!!!

If you're on the market for a new gi and want to wear the best in the world, head on over to


these gis are the top of the line from Gameness USA in Nashville, Tennessee and worn by serious competitors all over the world. Don't be fooled by cheap knockoff brands that feel like sandpaper and have no durability.

Get the best...get GAMENESS.



hey steve if i was looking into buying a blue platinum weave, could you help with sizing?

I have a blue platinum. It is my favorite gi ever.

The only way to stop me from wearing it would be to release an all black platinum.....HINT HINT. :)

Gameness used to make a black gi. I have one.

Is there much difference between the platinums and the old double weaves?

I fuckin love my double but i want a more snug comp gi.

The sizing chart link is located on the page with the gis, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.


The platinum weave is way different than a standard double weave. Imagine the lighter weight of a single weave, now add a super strong collar, and don't forget the comfort of your best fitting t-shirt. The platinum weaves are also custom stitched per Gameness specifications to make for the strongest and lightest gi available on the market today.

I had one guy tell me that the gi was so comfortable, he was tempted to use it as pajamas. LOL...that's satisfaction. =)



Thanks Steve!

No problem, shin. Glad to help. =)



I sometimes wear my platinum top around the house like it's a hoodie.

email sent.


i do not have a club nor am i an instructor of anything, but my grappling buddies and i want to make a large purchase of gameness products. b/c i am "in the biz" so to speak i was elected. my question is can you get all gameness products. at least one person wants your single bjj gi with a belt, but most of us want clothes. i could not find any apparel on your site. plz shoot me an email if you can hook us up. shipping to taiwan can be expensive, so that is why we want to make one order instead of each of us individually buying things. i hope to hear from you soon.

best wishes,


edit here: john@judo-bjj-dvd.com

Dude I berated Gameness until I tried the Platinum weave and I'll never buy another brand other that Gameness again!

where is the best place to buy gameness gear? is their website the best or places like jjgear etc.?



Gameness.net is the site for buying directly form the company. You can also get gear from me at


SSF is also another authorized Gameness dealer.

John...I will send you an email soon.



John..let me know what you guys come up with. Thanks.