what about kimbo vs gannon now?

why not? gannon was in the ufc and kimbo is fighting mercer so why not have a sanctioned fight this time and put all the bullshit to rest?

i pick kimbo by gogo.

Gannon is a regular poster here, a nice guy, and a great contributer. But a trained Kimbo, today, would more than likely be the winner of a severe beating, depending on Gannons current training/conditioning.

No disrespect meant, i just think this fight is long past its day.

gotcha. i just read someone's post on cre's team kimbo thread and they brought up the gannon fight. i was just wanting to shut them up. i like kimbo. he seems to take this seriously. good for him. what about kimbo vs lee hinkle?

be a great and logical matchup if Kimbo wins tonight

Well, a prepared Gannon would be dangerous too. I have heard stories about his lack of training being legendary.

Meaning, basicly that he doesn't bother to train for fights, i.e. it's just a hobbie that he like to do.

Obviously, he has "training" as he is skilled, but I have been told by people who know him that he works a lot and prior to his "fame," didn't put much time into preparing for fights, he would kind of just show up and fall back on his skills and natural toughness/conditioning to get him through. This includes the Kimbo fight.

I don't mean to put him down or spread untruths, so if this is wrong, I take it back. But this is really what I have heard.

wh all these jockers making threads about this now? am i just ahead of the game?