What about Lawler VS Leben(Team Q)

I would like to see these two fight.

Lawler likes to punch, but so does Chris Leben(Team Quest). Leben is coming up fast. He just broke
Benji Radach's jaw. I would like to see him throw
down with Lawler. This would be a war.

Leben is on a come up. He's 15-1 so far. His only loss is to Joe Doerkson(just recently), but it was
lost on a decision. The fight could have went either
way. (sherdog has Leben at 5-1, which I believe is a typo) As far as I knew he was 15-1.

He's getting ready to fight "Mach" Sakurai at Pride Bushido 4 in July.

Great fight maybe they could have it in SportFight.

Leben is a lot of fun to watch and really brings it in his fights. Him vs Lawler would be a GREAT fight I think.

but IMO, the fight with Doerkson could not have went either way. Joe won that one pretty decisively.

Great matchup for the fans.

So is Leben going to fight Sakurai? That would be a good fight I think. Sakurai always does well against guys that open up.

No I know that. I just wondered it Leben was still being considered for a fight in Bushido and against Sakurai.

"He's getting ready to fight "Mach" Sakurai at Pride Bushido 4 in July."

Well I guess we know he didn't win the UFC contract.

actually albatross no spoiler was posted.

This is a very old thread, Bushido 4 happened back in July of 2004. So we still don't know any results of Leben on TUF.

wow, can't get anything passed sherlock albatross.

Ahhhh, I see.