What about me?? What about Taz??

I was watching some old ECW vids today and damn do I miss the old Taz. Thats right Taz, no double z. The man who said "Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you". Someone needs to get him out of his seat and back in the ring. His old persona would work great on smackdown. Sorry if my nostalgic rambling is annoying.

Taz was one of my all-time favorites, but I don't blame him for commentating full-time. He lost any credibility as a badass during the invasion angle, when he was Stone Cold's whipping boy.

I think the WWE see him as just too small, which is a shame in my opinion.

i think he realizes he is too small and so is okay with the announcing job, hey its a paycheck

The old Taz was great.

His whole FTW belt and most miserable man on the planet gimmick were great.

he isnt a play by play man, he is a color commentator, and i still would take lawler over him

That was indeed a great gimmick!
The old ECW will not be matched for some time to come.

i much prefer him to Lawler.

Lawler has become irritating since he isn't a heel anymore.

I am a huge Taz fan! I miss the path of rage and poeple tapping. Taz is a big influence on me.WWE did'nt do him justice.

Michael Cole=Color Commentator/Head Announcer. Taz=Play By

Same with the UFC, Mike Goldberg=Color Commentator/Head
Announcer. Joe Rogan=Play By Play/Analyst.

2 very different jobs, but both do well. I also miss the Taz from
back in the day.


i think that he isnt wrestling because of his neck injury. he has chronic pain and cant wrestle till surgary or something