What age do you stop wrestling as a pastime

In America it seem to me like wrestling is more a pursuit rather than a pastime. Good wrestlers get College scholarships, there is a traditional aspect, the possibility of National & Olympic glory and now the option of an MMA career. Good wrestling is brutal and as your body declines (Joe & Sylvester aside) and injuries accumulate I would imagine there is a point where you “no want”. BJJ on the other hand seems like it can be practiced to a higher level to a much later age. So if your base is wrestling how old can you go even to just maintain level of fitness

Jimmy Durante was a Wrestler...I did not know that!

 Seems to me that if you get beyond the competition of it and you're doing it for fun then at that point you're really  "just doing this"

The same as BJJ, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Running, Basketball, Tennis, or anything else....

As long as you desire to stay in shape and have something that challenges you and your body can take it keep training.