What are Asian Americans up to these days?

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I think it's fair to say neither the Dems or the repubs give a shot about Asian Americans. 

Democrats don't.

Republicans don't pick who they "like" based on race or skin color, but on shared belief.

i generally like asians


this one not so much


Harvard grad Claira Janover fired over TikTok 'stab threat ...

Jul 2, 2020Claira Janover GoFundMe Janover went viral by saying she would stab anyone with "the sheer entitled Caucasity" to say "All Lives Matter" — just so she could hold up a paper cut and say ...


the Oriental has the same social diversity in population as the Occidental.  Just like how not all white people are the same as observed in Rural/Urban Redstate/Bluestate it is the same with Korean/Jap/Viet/Thai/Chinese/Philippine etc. and even within this poplulation as example a HawaiianJap/CaliJap/Nihonjin can each be quite different from the other and then there are more differences such as education/interest/social-position so not all people of Japan Ethnic Origin will be the same.....


I live in a area where there are multiple oriental markets each catering to a unique social demographic Jap/Viet/Chinese/Korean and so I am able to observe the same full spectrum of diversity as observed in the Occidental society.  

If you live in such a place where the main industry of the Oriental is the reastaurant then you may have a very incomplete understanding of this demographic, not different from the Oriental which has only watched American Telivision and thinks all Occidentals are living the California Dream.  


I like what my African-African friend and neighbor once told me about LA...."It's like a zoo, they got everything" and to really have a decent understanding of other groups one must have lived where such diversity is distributed throughout all ranges of society.  


Social issues in Chinatowns


In modern times, competing Asian street gangs and organized crime, such as the tongs and the Hong Kong-based triads, continue to plague the metropolitan Chinatowns worldwide------



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In the mid 90’s we starting getting Cambodian gangs in my town.  Crazy fuckers loved machetes.  Then they were soon gone 

Thats because they moved down south to Lowell Ma. Maine mustve been a temporary layover.

Damn I jinxed them

Nobody can resist an invitation into the victim army in the hate-war against whites.

Fighting white supremacy.

give credit to the liberal education system. they managed to successfully get an entire group to advocate for the very thing their parents shunned in about 2 generations.

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The war against whites would have never even gotten off the ground had self hating feet washing whites didn’t allow it to happen.

About 5’4". It’s growth…

“feet washing”