What are good gyms to join?

We have a 24 hour fitness, gold's and ballys in my area. I'm fairly new
to lifting weights and working out, so im a newb. which places are
good, prons and cons of each?

Just be sure you read the contract very carefully.  And if you sign one for a decent length of time, be sure its one you can go to elsewhere if you move.

It really depends on the individual gym. Go check them all out and don't get pressured into a long term contract. I've worked for Gold's in the past and some of them are great and some not so great. Where do you live?

I'm not a big fan of Bally's, but that could be just me.

I think the above advice is good, check each gym. One thing to be careful of w/Ballys is some locations will push a lifetime contract, and I would be very wary of that. Although maybe they have stopped doing this.

Train at home.

Does anyone know what kind of contract 24 hr fitness usually makes you sign? Is it possilbe to give them a one cash payment for a year, like lets say 300 dollars for one year? Thanks

I think Gnejs2's garage is your best bet.

"Does anyone know what kind of contract 24 hr fitness usually makes you sign? Is it possilbe to give them a one cash payment for a year, like lets say 300 dollars for one year? Thanks"

I just quit working as a sales person there 3 months ago. They have every kind of contract you can think of. They are like car salesmen, except worse because they call you everyday. They have specials every weekend. Once a month they have bigger specials. The best deal I saw while working there this year was 675 down for three years then 24 dollars per year for life for an all club membership with 4 sessions of personal training and a 30 day supplement kit included. The personal training there is usually crap and the suppliments suck. Don't accept anything higher than this. Even if they won't give you what you want today they will call you later when they have something better. Just be patient and don't give in. Best advice however is screw gyms and just train at home.

If you are reading here for fitness/lifting tips(good step), then you probably know pretty much everyone here will tell you to learn to squat deadlift and olympic lift properly(properly=the right way that won't hurt you), and then do those as your core movements. With this in mind(assuming that is your goal), make sure whichever gym you pick has at least one squat rack, and will also allow you to deadlift, clean, and snatch there(yes, I have been told not to deadlift before because the gym thought it was too dangerous).

Basically, decide what your goals are, what exercises/lifts you plan on doing, and make sure they have the appropriate facilities and will allow you to do those specific moves which you want to do--some places don't like olympic lifts done on the premises.

If you have the room and the money to buy equipment, the suggestion to work out at home is a good idea also.

Stay away from places with long term contracts.

Bally's should be at the top of the list of places to avoid. Do a Google search for it along with FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Spitzer (last name of NYS Attorney General), etc. They have been nailed for deceptive business practices numerous times.

They make Tiger Schulman's look like someplace on the BBB preferred list.

Whatever gym you go to... go there consistently or else you'd be wasting your $$