what are some good drills.

I am looking for some good drills for thai boxing, any help would be great. mostly heavy bag drills but anything would be appreciated. Thanks

There really arent any specific drills for heavy bag.

What I mean is a drill is meant to develop a specific skill or attribute. So, the heavy bag is designed for Power development (power being an attribute), so just using the bag alone is a drill when you think aboput it like that.

One training method you could use on the heavy bag could be to hit the bag as hard as possible for 20 seconds (i.e. working combinations ballistically!) then backing off and working lightly on the bag for 10-20 seconds.

That will develop endurance for fighting whicjh means you will be able to sustain your level of power for longer periods of time.

Hope that helps.



pretty much my approach to training now. thanks

I like to work out on the heavy bag for about 20 minutes breaking the time into 5 minutes taking a minute break between each 5 minute round.

5 minutes Punches

5 minutes Kicks

5 minutes Knees and elbows

5 minutes all out with all strikes.

thanks, I am really starting to like standup a lot more, I wish there was a thai gym around here.

upstate NY

LOL @ bludhall


kick,punch, punch, kick

where upstate?

I like these:

- Left Hook, right uppercut, left uppercut, clinch,right knee, left knee.
- Left jab, left jab, right cross, left low kick (start southpaw).
- In the clinch, right knee, left knee, push partner back with both hands at the same front push kick.
- Middle kick right, middle kick right, left high kick, if miss last one right spinning back fist or elbow.

Hope this helps.