What are the 20 top Submissions

I agree, you need a nice tight game, and in MMA a real good stand up and takedown game to have subs matter, as well as conditioning.
I'd say these

1. Triangle
2. Kimura from sidemount/north south (different than guard)
3. Kimura from guard
4. Americana keylock
5. straight armlock from mount and guard
6. heel hook
7. Footlock
8. Kneebar
9. Umaplata
10. knee compression (needs to be used more in MMA)
11. can opener (an easily defended sub, but useful to tire people and ope guards)
12. Guillotine
13. Head and arm choke
14. Rear Naked choke
15. Achilles crush
16. Forearm choke
17. Coleman side choke/headlock
18. crucifix (normally with takedown)
19. As I write this, it becomes obvious that there are about 9 subs you really need to know for MMA.

1. Armlock
2. RNC
3. Triangle
4. heel hook
5. Knee bar
6. Kimuras
7. Keylock
8. Head and arm choke
9. Guillotine
and that is about all.

Here's some Sherdog statistics. Percentage of MMA fights that end in specific submission.

Armbar 9%

Rear Naked Choke 8%

Choke 5% ("Choke" is all they said, kinda vague, but...)

Guillotine Choke 3%

Triangle Choke 3%

Heel Hook 1%

Keylock 1%


Triangle front and back

Arm Lock ( Mount / Guard / Back)

Straight Arm lock


Ankle lock

Heel Hook

Knee bar

Toe hold

calf crunch

FrontChoke ( gullotine)


bicept crush



neck crank

cobra choke ;)

playground choke ( carlos newton vs pat miletech)

omoplata ( rolling, reverse, normal)

head and arm choke

i know alot more, but i stick to the ones i'm good at..


Dirty Sanchez = #1 most underrated submission.

my list includes:

1. camel clutch

2. scorpion death lock

3. boston crab

4. sharpshooter

5. indian death lock

6. surfboard

7. mandable claw

8. cobra twist

9. airplane spin

10. indian burn

11. million dollar dream

12. stomach claw

13. bear hug

14. body scissors

15. neck twist

16. wedgie

17. choke sleeper

18. torture rack

19. top wrist lock

20. good old fashioned head lock

*honorable mention* = test of strenth

What is the name of the move,hoo boy,I'll try to explain- You go for a knee bar,but your opponent keeps his leg bent,so you slide your forearm up behind the knee,throw both legs arount his bent leg,forcing it to bend further so that your forearm presses hard into his calf, like a nutcracker, but it's the 'nut'-the blade of your forearm- that is pressing into both halves of the leg, especially the calf,causing him to tap?

Jenny: The test of strength is certainly a manly act that can be used to figure on who is the pussy and who is the man in the ring, but it is not really a submission in and of itself. Also, there have been many times where I (like the man I am) have prepared to answer the call to a test of strength, only to be kicked in the ribs and ddt'd when I raise my hands up. Having said that, nobody can hold off from tapping when you smear the Sanchez all over them!

Point well taken Darb. I hate getting kicked in the ribs and DDT'd. Free advice to young fighter - avoid that at all costs.

mr nemo, it separates (starts to) the knee and it is a pain tolerance move too.

the ones that you train the most with