What are the Kings going to do....

.....with Brad Miller when Webber comes back? I've only seen a handful of Kings games this season, but every one I've watched, Miller has been exceptional. It seems like kind of a waste to have 15 pts, 5 assists, and 11 rebounds sitting on your bench for the better part of the game. He's a pretty good passer in the post, like Vlade, so maybe he'll get some time at the 5?

I see him and Webber being on the floor together quite a bit.

Okay, what do they do with Vlade then? Basically, you've got two spots for three guys, none of whom deserve a cut in minutes, IMO.

Vlade needs more rest nowadays than the other two. I love the guy but I'm sure he's not gonna mind sitting a little bit longer at all.

True. Give him more time to smoke :)

Exaaaaaactly. lol