What are the strangest conspiracy theories you've heard?

it’s a conspiracy bro. tyson is the kingpin.

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Go to 845 of that vid :point_up_2:

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Nice. I don’t have time to watch the whole video right now, I will later. But what are they saying happened to all the rubble and debris? Interesting.

I’ve never heard a conspiracy theory that didn’t sound like the plot of a bad movie.

These theories are like throwing shit at the side of a barn

Some of it sticks and then the believers use it as “proof” that they’re not imagining stuff.

Something about a blind squirrel finding anut and a broken clock being right twice a day


That’s a little harsh.

The likes of MK ultra were a conspiracy theory at one time, gary webb’s ‘dark alliance’ as well. COINTELPRO & Mass surveillance on Americans used to be conspiracy theories.

Others like sirhan not shooting RFK, Jonestown, 9/11, etc, etc, all have merit.

FWIW, this thread’s title was “strangest” so I’m assuming most people are posting the more ridiculous.


For every 1 that’s right there are 1000 that are pure fantasy

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NESARA/GESARA - hadn’t heard of that one before. Some kind of move to try that in court.


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That Democrats are smarter than Rep…clearly is a Conspiracy! They are morons!

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Go back to sleep.

Start talking conspiracy theories.

If you don’t come up with something funny, i will probably pass out

You already passed out long ago since you flat out refuse to acknowledge conspiracies.

The elites of yore at least pretended to be chosen by god or were objectively better at brutality. Now they can get away with banning detection. And you feel smug for being obedient.

Reel it in, fella. He didn’t know better.

Except they didn’t. It still happens today and not just by white people, however you may define white



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What is this, protestant perfectionism?
Slavery has been squashed by Whites to a sideshow. The biggest parts of the world are virtually slave free whereas before ithey would have been a pillar of society, seen and experienced everywhere.

citation needed.
Whites don’t use slaves in this age. We never were natural slavers although we did partake in slavery to a lesser degree.
White presenting jews today employ slaves, whether in New York or in Tel Aviv.


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that Democrats are “for the working class”!
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