What are the worst crimes against nature/humanity?

Let’s hear your opinion

Cutting down the forests. Fuck them fags. I want more Woodlands.

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I was thinking breast reduction surgery but cutting trees is pretty bad too


Having children you can’t afford to care for/feed.



Having this attitude for too long is why I’m probably going to die childless. I was always more worried about my finances not being ready instead of getting the job done. In other words I respectfully disagree.

That I’m supposed to feel guilty over the color of my skin…

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Bringing black people to America as slaves, then freeing them and forcing Americans to deal with and take care of them forever. Imagine if we never imported Africans, and only ever accepted European immigration, how great the country would be now.

Good tasting food is bad for you while bad tasting food is good for you

Is that like eating ass? Asking for a friend.

Surely you can find a way to feed a child without government help. I don’t doubt you can. You seem quite resourceful.

The white man gotta be a dog daddy so he can focus on his career and keep paying them taxes to pay for the brown children.

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I absolutely can, I just missed my window.

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Flat-assed women


George Soros


How about Jews in general?

The problem is that men inexplicably listen to the biggest retards on the planet for advice on this shit.

You dont have to be loaded with cash to have kids. Sometimes it can be expensive but it’s not horrible. Be smart with what money you do have. Have enough spine to tell a kid no if they want something that’s not in the budget. And love them a ton. I’m not a rich man by any means. But every time I go pick my son up, he greets me with a huge smile.


Why do people think you need to be rich to have kids? We got free health care, wic, get $800 a month ebt, I get more taxes back than I pay, and now Im gonna get 300 a month, soon to be 600!

Im eating steak and lobster cause of the little fucker! If you cant afford a kid your a loser lol, I definitely can!

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Oh. Boy. This thread is about to take a turn for the worse :joy:

Convincing children they are trans is a crime against nature.