What are the worst crimes against nature/humanity?

Big time!


We might start pretending I dont live here and am homeless so I get all those extra benefits. And she gets taken care of as a single mom. Im just gonna chill and watch netflix all day lol!

I think you deserve it. All the grief these jerk OGers give you, you deserve to live the sweet life on their tax dollars!

I really hope some of my taxes go to helping you!

Socialism/Marxism, it led to the murder of in excess of 100M people in the last century

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Waiting for someone else to say it but since it hasn’t been said yet, abortion.

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So, in other words, you had a child you COULD afford to raise.

You’re not the type of people I’m talking about.

What are you talking about? I said that to kirik Sr.

As far as I remember you have always been nice towards me. I didnt think you was talking about me lol

Well, fuck me. I still cannot read the quote system properly lol.


It’s a crime against humanity that Ridley Scott gave us the masterpiece known as Alien, just for Ridley Scott himself to then ruin it decades later with Prometheus and Alien Covenant