What are y'all working on in training?

I don't want Mark to have to carry the whole load over here.

Boxing: I've been doing a lot of footwork drills and going back to basic, fundamental defense. Trying to control the range better, getting just far away enough to be out of trouble but close enough to still mount an offense of my own. No more just running around the ring like a goob.

BJJ: Kinda like boxing, getting back to basics. Stop being content trying to throw a double-inverted reverse homoplata from the guard, instead try to sweep, improve position, be patient. You can take all the time you want when you're in a dominant position. Spending more time on top than ever.

What about the rest of you? Adding new tricks or trimming the fat and fine-tuning what really works for you?

The training is getting crazy over here. Lots of high level boxing, MMA, and grappling going on, so ill save some room for others to share.

As far as me, personally im just training gi and nogi but lots more judo and wrestling than ever. Lots of tournaments to end the year and keep the momentum till pan ams and worlds.

Working on being more aggressive. Lots of boxing which I have fell in love with and the deep half is running wild at Westside.

Not tapping as often.

Joey, where are you living now?

Ravenden. Up in the northeast corner of AR, Training with Max on Mondays, one of Brian's purples on Fridays, and when I can I get down to Brian's on Saturdays. It's the middle of nowhere, but the nice thing about that is that I can flip/throw tires in my backyard, swing sledgehammers, do whatever I want. The neighbors are scared to death of me lol