What are you doin next weekend?

Nothin.... Why not take a trip to the big easy? sat the 20th joe ancona is putting on a show at his place the main event..................ill be there, fightin my little heart out against john brown who weighs in at over 300 lbs......these shows are a lot of fun so come see me whippin ass, and buy me a drink

come on guys itll rock


ohh might i???? just kiddin youre right, i dont have the full card yet but ill post when i gets it..................its in new orleans la, if you need directions email joe at anconasgym@aol.com cause i dont remember street names that well.....should start at 8, and there will be mma kickboxing and probably boxing and sub wrestling as well, there usually is, joes been pretty busy lately tryin to get everything together so im not sure exactly..........but like say as soon as i know ill post it

The next "Big Easy Fighting Championships"will be Saturday, March 20th at "The Main Event" Fight Club , Bar & Grill in the city of Metairie, La. 8 fights are scheduled for that night with JC Pennington making his pro debut and Kyle "Ears " Bradley of Baton Rouge, La. in the co-feature vs. Will Bradford of Dallas, Tx. Other fighters competing are Warren Donley 170lb, Kenny Stevens 205lb, RC Stephens 155lb, Chris Rockwell 265lb, Mat Edwards 165lb, Mike Brazile 260lbs, Big John Brown 350lbs, Larry Spratley 205lbs vs. Tim Ellis 195lbs , Adam Brune 205lbs, Freddie Espricueta 175lbs,Seth Clifton 165lbs Brandon Keith 125lbs, and more. Looking for matches for these fighters. If anyone would like to compete on this event please contact Ancona's gym at 504-888-6451 or e-mail anconasgym@aol.com. General admission $15, Ringside only $30. And for those coming with family and friends, there is a hotel 2 blocks from the gym with $40 rates.ORLEANS COURTYARD INN 504-455-6110.HOTEL, GAS, AND FOOD PROVIDED FOR ALL FIGHTERS!!! Any fighters wishing to crash at the fighters dorm in the gym ,please feel free to do so, it has full shower and locker facilities and a complete kitchen!!!

it is the 20th and as far as I know, these are the matchups thus far

Kyle BRadley (me) vs Will Bradford

Chris Rockwell vs John Brown

Matt Edwards vs Seth Clifton (rematch and a good one the first time)

LArry Spratley vs Tim Ellis

and he is close to making fights for Warren Donley (170 pro), JC Pennington (145 pro), and a few others.

You might even see Melvin Guillard jump in there and do a sub match or boxing match, he usually does it for fun when he goes to the events.

hahaha i cant believe i put the 12th, i guess thats what happens when youre a terd let me correct it.....and thanks for the info man