What are you doing this weekend?


My son did this to my truck, fucker just ripped off the mirror like it was a toy to take home. Clear epoxy worked perfectly, I don’t remember which brand I used but it held up great and I did the fix over 3 months ago now.

Working tomorrow.

Sunday-yard work, gardening.

So gardening is my wind down, and og-ing.

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Getting tattooed as we speak

Sunday yard work is peaceful. I love it.

My favourite soccer teams last game of the season is Sunday. Playing for the title in Italy, haven’t won it in 11 years. Win or tie and it’s ours, loss and our rivals win their game and we blow it. My mood Sunday will pretty dramatically change depending on the results.

I’ve been fucking around with a racing wheel lately too, will play some more formula 1 on it at some point

Futurama characters?

You know it

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My buddy is back home from the navy for a bit. He tattoos as well. Good opportunity to get some work and catch up

Sweet man. Enjoy it.

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so far…BookReading and Donuts…stretching/meditation which included a LONG HOT SOAK in the SteamedUp Bathroom with some Cold Water Misogi…back and forth between the LOVE-Tub in the GFs MASTER SUITE and the LARGE Shower in my MasterSuite…now having some tapas of smoked oysters, bean salad, saltine crackers with a Martini while the GF prepares the FRIED CALAMARI and Seafood Broth Risotto…and some Sinatra/Bennett Style music playing

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Had plans for some drinks with the lady but a severe thunderstorm hit. Looks like it’s gonna rain all night :-1:

Right in the middle of changing the oil because I didn’t get around to it last weekend. I did some work on the garage door instead.

Maybe grill a steak in a bit.

had TWO donuts and coffee for brunch with the book-reading…then put my book in the bag and headed out for some WALKING at the park where I alternate walking and reading on the benches…so spent the day over at the park doing that and watching the people…just returned home and made some soyrizo&egg tacos, had 3 of them with some sparkling water and the GF is making Yakisoba and PandaExpressStyle Orange Chicken for dinner and I will have a drink or two with the dinner affair!

…about to do some stretching/meditation, maybe another HOTsoak SPA EXPERIENCE in the LOVE TUB :laughing:

What book are you reading?

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Noice. This is one of what I’m reading through right now

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^how do you like it? I think that’s one that’s been on my reading list, I wanted to read something about G.Washington!

When I read about people like Washington/Lewis/Clark it really inspires me to get OUTSIDE and WALK because those fellows didn’t wait for PERFECTLY PLEASANT WEATHER or need the PERFECT Athleisure Apparel and GEAR they were some HARD men!

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I’m about a third of the way through and it’s good! It’s narrative style reminds me of Ken Burns documentaries, not too heavy and not too light… It’s obviously about the revolution and the battles fought for it but it’s mostly focused on, his Excellency, Washington.

How’s the book on Machiavelli? I might get into his work next